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English conversation lesson at 20130507

Hi! I'm smallpalace. Thank you for see my blog.

Today lesson was introduce each other, and new teacher was came.

His name is Martin.

He likes mountain, boat, sun and sea.

He is from Canada Vancouver. He lived in Japan seven years. 

He had lived in Ibaraki Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture. He is now living in Tokyo.

He like Nigata Prefecture. In Nigata, There are many delicious foods . I know it too.

Today,  I was at a loss for words. because it was asked by the teacher as "What kind of job might you get in the future?"

I ended up thinking too much.

I think the amount of information becomes more than 10 times to be able to examine things in English. So I want to do it. And though I should say that much I'm sure.

I'm interesting in don't use text book.

Today's words:

What do you do? あなたのお仕事はなんですか(I'm a linux server operator.とか答える)

Who do you work for?(Who are you with?) あなたはどこの会社で働いていますか(なぜwhoかというと法人≒個人だからっぽい。whatだと間違い。)(I work for company name.)

Where do you work? あなたはどこの場所で働いてますか?(I work in Japan Tokyo.)

horse raddish わさび(Canada's horse raddish is yellow.)

 He said "80% of the athletes in Canada who was born in January and February.

Because January is the beginning of the school year."




 See you next week!bye-☆