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English conversation lesson at 20130430

Hello, I'm smallpalace. 

Today's private lesson was Pronunciation exercises. And today's nomal lesson was introduce the people of myself and others.

-- on the private lesson --

David says 'How are you'. I said as follows:

I've got a headache this morning. Becous  I was barbecue in the park yesterday.

The sun was bery strong. I've slept a lot but I'm still sleepy.

Many dog was walking in the park where I was barbecue. My daughter is watching and pointing at the dogs, and she was saying "woof woof! Woof woof!"

It is now healthy and drank energy drinks at this morning.

・Pronunciation exercise (発音練習)

right / light

rice / lice

red lorry / yellow lorry

※L to touch the teeth tongue. R is not put anywhere the tongue.

 Japanese rarirurero is middle of L and R.

・Tongue twister(早口言葉)

”Peter piper

Picked a pocked of

Pickled peppers;

which peck of peppers

did peter piper picks?"

"She sells sea shells by the sea shore."

"There were once three thespiar tailors who threw their tools into the sea"

-- on the nomal lesson --

・The odd one out:(which different do you think? the different is only one.)※一個だけ仲間はずれ。

 dog / cat / bear / gold fish → The odd one out is bear. because bear isn't domestic animal. other animals are pet.

 alligator / kangaroo / crocodile / koala  → The odd one out is alligator. because alligator is from America. The other animals are from Australia.

 good / worse / taller / thinner → The odd one out is good. because this is nomal word. the other things are comparative.

 bored / jealousy / surprising / angry → The odd one out is jealousy. because jealousy is noun. the other things are adjective.

I made ​​a mistake all ! :-p


what do you do? the asks your occupation. do -> doing : asks you something doing .

How do you do like mean yorosikuonegaisimasu.

Introduceing point:

 Don't use "he" and "she". because it's used for child. Use "this is..". It's more polite.

My self-introduction is as follows:

I'm smallpalace from Japan. I'm a linux server operator. My favorite part of my jobs are "making shell scripnt" and "searching and testing new open source sollutions".

what do you enjoy about your job the most?

It was participated in today's lesson is Yuji and Takashi Hideki with me.

We have each other to introduce each other.

 new words:

senior colleaque of mine(わたしの先輩)

marsupial (有袋類)

Since tired to write a blog today anymore, I want to end.

Thank you for read this blog. see you later.  :-D